Jamie Macpherson

Jamie Macpherson

Jamie Macpherson has been doing artwork all his life and takes his tattooing seriously.

Born 1980, in Doncaster, England, Macpherson spent the first seven years of his life being artistically moulded by his British surroundings and absorbing as much artsy knowledge as a young child possibly can.

“Growing up in England had a huge impact on getting into drawing comics,” he says. “I used to make up my own Beano-type characters when I was about five or six years old, and my uncle would always give me his old ‘Oor Wullie’ comics.

“My dad was a huge influence on getting me into art young, though. He’s a great illustrator and also made lots of really nice watercolor landscapes, which I loved looking at and emulated very young. As I got older, I still liked painting, but I got more into comics and superheroes through my teenage years. My high school even let me drop math for another art course because I always just drew on the backs of my papers instead of doing the work,” he laughs.

At the age of seven, Macpherson moved across the Atlantic, settling in British Columbia, Canada. Several years later, when 1999 came around, Macpherson found himself still drawing after graduating high school and pursued an artistic career. At age 19 he started tattooing in a small tattoo shop in Chilliwack.

Constantly looking through tattoo magazines, committed to expanding his tattoo knowledge, Macpherson repeatedly came across stories about tattoo artists jumping from country to country to improve their skills. That’s when the travel bug decided to strike, hard. Deciding that exploring and conquering at least part of the world’s large expanse was to be his next step, Macpherson was soon on the road.

“I did a four-month tattoo tour, starting in England, then I tattooed in Glasgow for a month with Johnny’s Tattoo Studio,” he starts, recounting the almost mind-numbingly packed journey, complete with an intimate encounter of some tattoo legends.

Jamie has also tattooed in Portugal, Italy, France and Switzerland and has worked with some of the best of the best.

Which brings him here, finally to Dutchman Tattoos, where he has committed to fine tuning his designs to create the best possible tattoos for his clients.

“Dutchman Tattoos is the best shop I’ve ever worked at and I plan on sticking around. The staff is hardworking and friendly, the atmosphere is comfortable, and I’m producing my very best work as a result. I’m very excited to meet new clients and make new friends.”