What about health issues?

We use the most up to date procedures to minimize any health risks. If you have any medical history or complication (hemophilia, diabetes, allergies, etc.) and consider getting a tattoo please consult a doctor for advice.

How should I care for my tattoo?

For something that can last a lifetime, a tattoo has a fragile first few weeks. This is an important time because the tattoos’ integrity can be greatly affected if not tended to properly. Complete instructions for the healing process are provided by your artist. Honestly, most problems arise when the client fails to adhere to the instructions given, so attention must be paid. Call the shop if you have any problems or uncertainty about your tattoo. There is evidence to show that tattoos can remain bright and solid even after many years. Especially if they have been protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a total sunblock. Exposure to the sun will have damaging and adverse affects on your tattoo.

The cost of your Tattoo

When you come to our studio for a consultation, we can determine the cost of the tattoo from the intricacy, size and the time it will take to apply your concept.