About Dutchman Tattoos

Established in 1982. We are a well known tattoo studio worldwide. We specialize in custom tattoo work.

About Dutchman

We offer different tattoo styles

  • Japanese
  • Classic Old School
  • Tribal & Polynesian
  • Script Writing
  • Coverup and Reworks
  • Tattoo coverup
  • Realistic Color
  • Photographic Portraits
  • And whatever concept you can think of!

Your tattoo will be applied in a clean and sterile workstation. We do our utmost best to make this a positive experience for you.

For those who are not familiar with the tattoo process do your homework! Look critically at the artist’s photo albums and evaluate the different tattoo styles. Examine the quality and consistency of the line work. Is the color solid and even? Are large tattoos properly laid out and contoured for a specific body part?

Do their photos show that the artist has the experience and is competent to interpret your tattoo concept. Is their personal style compatible with what you want on your body? Be wary, and remember that all shops would like your business but only a few can professionally fill your needs. Take your time and feel free to ask our competent and professional artists any questions. We want you to be comfortable throughout the entire process.

We have guest artists from all over the world working at our studio throughout the year. We”ll keep you posted about this on our website.

Some of the guest artists that have worked at Dutchman Tattoos since 1982: Luke Atkinson (Britain), Trevor McStay (Australia), Filip Leu (Switserland), Tautu (John Ellis, Marquesas Islands), Leo Canosa (Cuba), Andy Van Helsing (Germany), Theo Jack (USA), Mauricio (Brazil), Junior (Brazil), Hailin (China), Steve Johnson (New Zealand),  Mike Austin (Canada) and the list goes on…

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